**All answers are from all expansions, including Wild ones, but not WoToG**  


**Also this rule is official now — if the question doesn't specify if the answer is a collectible card or not, it's always collectible**  


**Theme 1 — Hello! Hello! Hello! (Questions related to Mechs)**  

1. Alarm-o-Bot, Harvest Golem and this minion became Mechs only after the release of GvG  

2. It's the only Mech without a description  

3. TGT and LoE gave us only one Mech each. TGT gave us Clockwork Knight, LoE gave us this minion  

4. There are three minions in Hearthstone that always summon a Mech with their battlecry — Gelbin Mekkatorque, Dr. Balanced and this minion  

5. You can find this legendary card if you search «mech» while in Wild, but this card isn't a Mech  


**Theme 2 — Can You Read Legendary Cards? (Guess a legendary card by a couple of words from its description)**  

6. … Have at least 4 other…  

7. … If yours costs more …  

8. … Weapon for each …  

9. … Damaged by …  

10. … Map …  


**Theme 3 — Anonymous Cards (Guess a minion card by its mana cost, stats and rarity. It can be a class card, and if it is, it's not mentioned that it is one)**  

11. Basic 6 mana 5/2  

12. Common 7 mana 7/7  

13. Rare 5 mana 2/6  

14. Epic 3 mana 2/3  

15. Legendary 7 mana 5/4  


**Theme 4 — Tricky Questions (Yup, tricky questions. That's it)**  

16. Hearthstone has 16 cards with 0 attack. Name the most expensive one  

17. Name a 4 mana minion that has the most health out of all minions with the same cost  

18. It's the only 8 mana minion with a battlecry  

19. It's the only 1 mana minion without a description  

20. Two minions always come to the battlefield with two tokens — the infamous Dr. Boom and this minion  


**Theme 5 — Hearthstone's Dialogues (Guess a minion by its opening phrase)**  

21. I can wait and fish all day!  

22. Y-y-you gotta be kiddin' me!  

23. Give me a quest  

24. We must cleanse the Sunwell  

25. Do you like to play with fire?!  

26. I have no time for games  

27. Come forth, coward!  

28. Who am I? None of your business    

29. Prepare youself for the ultimate test!  

30. I'm ready! I'm not ready!  


**Hope you enjoy!**  


**Answer Key -** Coming in 1-2 hours

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