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Кто-нибудь в этом паблике слышал про колоду Йогг Охотника? Не важно. Вот вам деклист и информация о колоде

Что же вообще такое Йогг Охотник? Это колода с огромным количеством заклинаний, которые нужны чтобы извлечь максимум пользы из карт «На изготовку!» и «Йогг-Сарон». Для тех, кто не знает — «На изготовку!» кладет в руку случайную классовую карту Охотника за каждое использованное заклинание на этом ходу

Хороша ли колода в нынешней мете? Да, но нужно знать, как правильно ей играть. Мой винрейт составил где-то 70% (из 10 игр в среднем выиграно 7). Как видите, не очень впечатляет. Но при этом колодой Йогг Охотника очень интересно играть, и более фановым является лишь Токен Друид. Также отлично играет против аггро-колод

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**All answers are from all expansions, including Wild ones, but not WoToG**  


**Also this rule is official now — if the question doesn't specify if the answer is a collectible card or not, it's always collectible**  


**Theme 1 — Hello! Hello! Hello! (Questions related to Mechs)**  

1. Alarm-o-Bot, Harvest Golem and this minion became Mechs only after the release of GvG  

2. It's the only Mech without a description  

3. TGT and LoE gave us only one Mech each. TGT gave us Clockwork Knight, LoE gave us this minion  

4. There are three minions in Hearthstone that always summon a Mech with their battlecry — Gelbin Mekkatorque, Dr. Balanced and this minion  

5. You can find this legendary card if you search «mech» while in Wild, but this card isn't a Mech  


**Theme 2 — Can You Read Legendary Cards? (Guess a legendary card by a couple of words from its description)**  

6. … Have at least 4 other…  

7. … If yours costs more …  

8. … Weapon for each …  

9. … Damaged by …  

10. … Map …  


**Theme 3 — Anonymous Cards (Guess a minion card by its mana cost, stats and rarity. It can be a class card, and if it is, it's not mentioned that it is one)**  

11. Basic 6 mana 5/2  

12. Common 7 mana 7/7  

13. Rare 5 mana 2/6  

14. Epic 3 mana 2/3  

15. Legendary 7 mana 5/4  


**Theme 4 — Tricky Questions (Yup, tricky questions. That's it)**  

16. Hearthstone has 16 cards with 0 attack. Name the most expensive one  

17. Name a 4 mana minion that has the most health out of all minions with the same cost  

18. It's the only 8 mana minion with a battlecry  

19. It's the only 1 mana minion without a description  

20. Two minions always come to the battlefield with two tokens — the infamous Dr. Boom and this minion  


**Theme 5 — Hearthstone's Dialogues (Guess a minion by its opening phrase)**  

21. I can wait and fish all day!  

22. Y-y-you gotta be kiddin' me!  

23. Give me a quest  

24. We must cleanse the Sunwell  

25. Do you like to play with fire?!  

26. I have no time for games  

27. Come forth, coward!  

28. Who am I? None of your business    

29. Prepare youself for the ultimate test!  

30. I'm ready! I'm not ready!  


**Hope you enjoy!**  


**Answer Key -** Coming in 1-2 hours

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Radiance Solo

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When I'm bored, I search pastas about files in the internet. Searching for pastas, I log in to Skype to not get bored. I got a message. Someone added me to contacts  

— Who are you? — I wrote  

— blaccyee — he answered  

— Yeah, that's your nick  

— blaccyee  

— Yeah, I understand!  

— blaccyee/eeyccalb  

— Yeah, and this is your nick backwards  

— 3  

— 3 what?  

— 2  

— ???  

— 1  

— Are you crazy??  

— 000000000  

After his reply with 0s, a file started downloading. It was a video  

— Hey dude, what does it mean?  

*no answer*  

— This isn't funny  

— blaccyee  

— Yeah, yeah, that's your nick!  

— vv4t(h  

— Watch the video?  

— 000000000  

— It means «yes»?  


I forgot about this guy. But he replied again:  

— 1 533 Y0U. vv4t(h  

— Okay… — this really started to scare me

I opened the video. First five seconds were a Windows BSOD. Static and a strange noise appeared. The noise sounded like babbling. A human was talking, but their voice was… I think he was dead. The babbling was until the static ended. On the monitor was an exact copy of my wallpaper. It started to get distorted. The monitor changed colors and got wavy. Static. Clock. Same clock as on my wall. They showed the same time as mine did. Numbers on the clock started to change. Or rather not numbers. Now they are letters «ч» and «h». But this isn't the scariest. The scariest is that this crap was on my clock too. I almost screamed. I wanted to scream as loud as I can, but I couldn't. I wasn't able to say any sound. The clock on the video was gone. But scarier things happened. This time it was an image of me. Looked just like a webcam. I raised my hand. The image changed. I saw myself, but this wasn't me. The other me had black eyes. BSOD again. Static and babbling. My face. The face that didn't appear before. It was a bald man with black eyes and white face. I thought that his nose and mouth were drawn by some unskilled painter. This face was on the monitor for a minute, then disappeared. There was my bathroom on the monitor. I heard the sound of the opening entrance door. Footstep sounds. The door to bathroom opened in the video. This black-eyed man entered. He stared at the camera, smiled and tore off the bathroom curtain. In the bath was something that looked like a human. It chewed something. The man touched this creature. It turned its head. In its claws was something that looked like a human leg. The creature had red skin, body without hair but with some pieces of skin. It didn't have a nose and instead of mouth it had a round hole with lots of small teeth. It ate the leg while staring at the camera. The emptiness of its eyes scared me. Static, face, babbling. Text appeared — «your eyes will be blaccyee». My face, this creature's face. The end. That dude messaged me to Skype again:

— 1 4M 634ut1fu1

— What? You were in this video?

— 00000000

— ???

— 1 4M 634ut1fu1

— You are beautiful?

— 00000000

I didn't reply. I was all sweaty

— 1 hauR — this dude wrote and became offline

This one hour I was quiet. I couldn't get off my chair. After an hour passed, my legs forced me to go to the bathroom. The bath was filled with blood, in it were the remains of the leg. But this wasn't the scariest. The scariest was when I looked in the mirror. I had black eyes and didn't have hair. I had red skin and round mouth with small teeth. I screamed as loudly as I can. I screamed without pausing. I tried to cry, but I didn't have eyelids anymore. I went to the kitchen and picked up a knife, but it fell from my distorted fingers. I didn't know how to live now. I opened the window and jumped off. I screamed wildly and lost consciousness. I woke up in a hospital, where all of this stopped

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